My Favorite Part of “This” Day

March 18, 2022 was a much anticipated day. Our 4C team of Digital Learning Coordinators has been working for years to mentor educators throughout our school district to leverage “making” and student agency as a natural part of their lesson design and helping them learn how to teach students to collaborate well, despite this pandemic. The workforce needs eligible employees who are collaborators, who are creative, who can communicate effectively and who can think critically. Our current 4C PLN is doing well to set up learners for this successful future. Those we have mentored are doing fabulous things including setting an envious example for other educators to do the same and they have done well to help recruit a new group. March 18 was the day we welcomed a new cohort of curious and eager educators to a room filled with hands on challenges, consumables, robots, and digital tasks. The day was better captured with a video than with paragraphs. En-JOY!