Makerspace Resources

Starting a Makerspace

Starting a makerspace for the first time is not an endeavour to be rushed. Be sure to have teacher buy-in, a well thought out plan in place for physical space, materials, guidelines, and resources to address curricular integration.

Starting up at Buckhorn Creek ES

Why makerspaces at Wake County Public Schools

Sample Consumable Supply List

Sample Common Courtesy Guidelines

Makerspace: Just Trust The Kids: blog post

Media Center 4Cs Activity Center Task Cards



These are some of my favorite resources that I share with teachers looking for cost effective, hands-on activities.

MackinMaker Challenge Cards and More

Design Challenge Daily

Roll a Challenge

Matrix Challenge

Paper Circuit Projects and Templates

Makerspace Tools, Descriptions and Websites

Sample Makerspace Guidelines

Weekly At Home STEAM Challenges

TeachEngineering: STEM Curriculum for k12

 Special Recommendation from Lyndhurst STEM Club for Girls

(Circuit Resources)

A collection of resources compiled by Speedway Motors (

Physics for Kids: Electronic Circuits:

Electronic devices have complicated electronic circuits inside them that make them able to function.

Circuit Construction Kit:

This activity lets you experiment with different components to create a mock circuit online.

Seven Exciting Electric Circuit Projects for Kids:

Expand your understanding of electric circuits by completing fun and simple circuit projects at home.

Completing the Circuit:

Watch the video and follow the steps to create your own circuit at home.


After learning the basics about electricity and electric circuits, you’ll be ready to act out an electric circuit as presented in this lesson.

Circuit Workbench:

Construct a circuit board so you can see electrical circuits in action.

Programable Robot Resources

Many companies that sell robots or programable tools also provide useful and free resources on their websites. Enjoy some that I curated!

Cubelet          Cubelets

Cubelets: Print and Fold Activity Cards

Cubelet Scope and Sequence Lesson Ideas


 hummingbird          Hummingbirds

Hummingbird Parts

Hummingbird Code Cards

Lunch Bots: Hummingbird and Makey Makey Projects


 root robot          Root Robot                  

Root Robot Curriculum Guide


 makey          Makey Makey

Makey Makey Challenge Cards

Lunch Bots: Makey Makey and Hummingbird Projects


wedo          LEGO

LEGO Education Digital Catalog

Cleaning Robotics

Lyndhurst STEM Club for Girls Special Request



Many unique groups have requested professional learning from our district maker team. We have provided maker training and experiences for administrators, beginning teachers, entire schools, the district as a whole and at state conferences. Each experience is uniquely created for the audience and is ALWAYS focuses on curriculum integration and future workforce skills. Below is a presentation we created for the Maker Ed Conference in Pittsburg, PA in October so 2019 detailing the evolution of our current program.

Mindset for Maker Slide Presentation

Mindset for Maker Access for All Students: A Wake County Public School System Model

  • Details about how the WCPSS maker program works.  Topics covered: school district demographics, start up details, staff buy-in, curriculum connections, materials, space, planning, budget. Presented at the MakerEd conference in Pittsburg, PA October 12, 2019

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