Visual Notetaking


Resources for Teachers and Students

  • Research, How-To, Examples, Activities

Doodlers, unite!

  • Powerful TED Talk by Sunni Brown

Intro To Sketchnoting: Introductory Lesson Plan for Students

  • Six Lesson Segments to be taught individually or together in 45-60 minutes

Student Prompts

  • Activities to help create a culture of visual notetaking with your students

Auto Draw

  • Practice drawing digitally, download your drawings or convert your drawing to suggested computer generated drawings

Quick, Draw!

  • A digital game of challenge to aid in training yourself to draw ideas quickly with the opportunity to learn from others by viewing collections of similarly drawn images.

Quote with clipart image of Albert Einstein: Drawing is not art. Drawing is thinking. If I can't picture it, I can't understand it.

My Presentations

District, State and International presentations co-created and presented with my colleague, Jennifer Underhill and my supervisor,Erika Woodard

Sketchnoting: Engaging Students Through Visual Notetaking Studies show that doodling can lead to better comprehension, retention, and engagement when students are learning. Participants will be practicing throughout the session, partaking in sketchnoting challenges designed to help them understand how to create a culture of visual notetaking in classrooms whether virtual, face to face or hybrid. In addition, we will explore the research behind sketchnoting and learn how to effectively use this strategy with students and staff to support learning, student agency, accessibility, differentiation, and engagement. Presented at Various Events with adapted variations.

Wonder Workshop International STEAM Summit April 2021

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