Resources for Research & Inquiry & Creation

Sites listed below are hyperlinks to some of my favorite resources for students. Some may not be accessible to those outside of my school district, or they may need to be accessed in ways unique to where you are.

Digital learning Coordinator Website

  • Lunch and Learn Recorded Sessions
  • Podcasts
  • Tools for All Learners
  • WCPSS Newsletters

NCWise Owl

  • Kid Infobits (Elementary/Middle)
  • Academic OneFile (High School)
  • Britannica School (Elementary/Middle/High)


PBS Learning Media

Nova Lab

Discovery Education

Story Corps

Applied Digital Skills: Free Curriculum Modules by Google

Voice Recording Tools (FREE)

  • ChromeMP3 Recorder: (webstore extension)
  • Online Voice Recorder: downloads as an MP3 and can be “File >Uploaded” to Google Drive
  • Beautiful Audio Editor: Google Drive app
  • TwistedWave: Record or edit any file; Create an account to save files
  • Vocaroo: online recorder
    • Provides a URL or QR code to access recording
    • Online recordings disappear after a few days
    • Recordings can be downloaded and “File>Uploaded” to drive as a .wav or .mp3 file

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